Our Team

When your pet needs care, we’re here to help. Oak Knoll Animal Hospital is staffed by a team of nurturing professionals, committed to the health and wellness of animals in Moline. We are dedicated providers of wellness care, preventative medicine, internal medicine, and more.


Stephanie Neavor, Hospital Manager

Stephanie Neavor, LVT, Hospital Administrator at Oak Knoll Animal Hospital animal clinic.Stephanie came to Oak Knoll as a client service representative in 2013. After taking leave for a year, she returned to Oak Knoll in 2016, accepting the role of Hospital Manager. She has over 10 years of management experience and over 15 years of experience in customer service. For her, the management role allows her to satisfy several passions in her life; working with animals, client relations, marketing, managing and budget planning. She says she wishes to increase awareness and education on fleas and prevention. Her best advice to new pet owners is to be patient in all things.

Her downtime is spent with her fiancé, Adam, and kids, Charlie, Lynn and Julian. Together, they enjoy playing games, doing crafts, clowning, and all things nerdy.  The kids also like to dress up their three furry brothers.  Stephanie enjoys listening to the golden oldies and the 80’s, and has a fondness for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.  She says if she could go anywhere, anyway – it’d be to London, via TARDIS.

Carey Mayes, Lead Veterinary Technician

Carey Mayes, Lead Technician/Assistant at Oak Knoll Animal Hospital animal clinic.First a client, then an employee – Carey has worked at Oak Knoll since 2007. Her favorite part of working in this field is that each day brings a new challenge – and new puppies! She is most appreciative of the bond she shares with her work family, stating that the trust and bond that comes from working so closely together has created amazing friendships. She says that she wishes pet owners knew more about training, obedience and foods that are toxic to pets.

Carey has been married over twenty years and is most proud of her accomplishments as a mother, having raised two beautiful daughters. When she’s not at work, Carey can be found relaxing on her patio with her four dogs. She says that Sandra Bullock has what it takes to play her in a movie about her life and she thoroughly enjoys FroYo!

Robyn McDaniel, Lead Veterinary Technician

Robyn McDaniel, Lead Client Relations Specialist at Oak Knoll Animal Hospital animal clinic.Robyn is a veteran here at Oak Knoll, having been employed since 2006. She says the most rewarding aspect of working in this field is helping to save lives, and she enjoys the people that come through our doors just as much as they pets they bring. Anesthesia and sedation methods are things that particularly interest Robyn, and she is proud of her length of employment with our company. Robyn best advice for new pet owners is to make sure that you don’t overfeed them and that they receive proper training.

Robyn owns a small hobby farm with her husband DJ and their two kids, Emelia and Nicolas. When she’s not tending to their goats and peacocks, Robyn enjoys getting her nails done. Her vices are Chicken in a Biscuit crackers, wedding cake and online shopping. If she could travel anywhere, she would go to Belize and that if a movie was made about her life, she would be played by Christie Brinkley.

Team Members

Alexis, Veterinary Technician

Alexis Warren, Veterinary Technician at Moline Animal HospitalAlexis started with Oak Knoll in 2015. She is happy to be in a field that allows her to work with animals and enjoys seeing the furbabies that come through our doors. She says the most rewarding part of her job is helping animals because they don’t have the ability to tell us when something is wrong – and the animal kisses aren’t bad either! She wishes that pet owners really knew how effective training can be.

After hours, Alexis enjoys frequenting the dog park and comic book stores and conventions. She is fond of softball, FroYo, and her boyfriend Joe. Lee Lee Sobieski would play the perfect version of her in a movie about her life. She hopes to one day visit Maldives and to own a 1969 Stingray Corvette.

Alison , Client Service Representative

Alison Brown, Client Service Representative at Moline Animal HospitalAlison’s journey with Oak Knoll just began in 2016, but she has already established strong bonds with our clientele. She enjoys being involved in a career where she can help educate clients on how to provide their furry family members with a high quality life. She says her favorite part about working at Oak Knoll has been getting to know our clients and feeling like part of a community. She wishes that more clients understood that EVERYTHING can be a choking/ingestion hazard and that species appropriate nutrition is the best thing you can provide for your companion.

When she’s not greeting clients, Alison can be found curled up with a good book.  She also loves to play with her kittens and indulge in some of her favorite TV shows.  She says that her biggest personal accomplishment is where her life is right now.  She recently moved halfway across the country, works full time and maintains both a 4.0 GPA at graduate school and an internship at a zoo for her future career.  Her biggest fans are her boyfriend, her family and her friends who have seen her dedication in action. She believes there is no such thing as a bad baked good, and loves brownies a la mode! 

Ashley, Kennel Attendant

Ashley Hollis, Kennel Attendant at Oak Knoll Animal HospitalAshley first began with the Oak Knoll family as a client when she heard we were looking for a Kennel Attendant.  During an appointment, she inquired about the position - and we are so glad that she did!  She cares for our boarding and hospital patients with patience and compassion.  She takes time to get to know each pet during their stay, and make their visit as comfortable and stress free as possible.  Ashley says that she enjoys interacting with our patients and learning how she can help improve the quality of their life.  Her advice for pet owners is the make sure your pet is properly socialized and gets regular vet visits.  She confesses that her favorite work related task is doing the laundry, and she wishes to become a Veterinary Technician one day.

When she's not caring for patients, Ashley spends her time with her family.  She enjoys going the to movies with her husband and two sons, Trystan and Drake.  She says Trystan is her biggest fan, because he thinks his mom can do everything!  They have a Mastiff named Dozer and 3 cats - Fuego, Chance and Phoebe - who keep their lives interesting.  Ashley claims that cookies are her favorite sweet treat!

Kelly, Client Service Representative

Kelly Schneider at Moline Animal HospitalKelly recently moved to the Quad Cities, and Oak Knoll was lucky to have her join our team. Before she started with us in 2016, she worked at Springbrook Animal Care Center. She states that her favorite part of working in this field is getting to know the patients. She says that her best advice to new pet owners is to do your research and be informed ahead of time.

In her free time, Kelly likes to play video games and computer games and read.  She says her husband Mark is her biggest fan and she is most proud of graduating college.  She enjoys pop music and ice cream and would love to travel to the Florida Keys.

Ellora, Veterinary Technician

Ellora Schwartz, Kennel Attendant at Oak Knoll Animal HospitalEllora came to Oak Knoll to pursue a career in the veterinary field, and comes with a background working at a local boarding facility.  She enjoys knowing that in some small way, she is helping to make a difference in each pet's life and hopes to become a veterinary technician.  Ellora says she wishes more pet owners knew how important flea and tick prevention can be.

Ellora likes to spend her free time relaxing, watching Netflix or going to the pet store with her self proclaimed zoo.  She has 3 dogs, 2 cats and 2 rats!  She says her mom is probably her biggest fan because she proud of the work that she does.  She loves Country Style Ice Cream and brownies and looks forward to learning new things every day!

Tracy, Client Service Representative

Tracy Fierro Moline Animal HospitalTracy joined the Oak Knoll family in the summer of 2016. She wanted to pursue a career that would allow her to follow her passion and love of animals. She loves the opportunity this career has given her to build relationships with both our clients and our patients, and she says she wishes more pet owners were aware of the ingredients in their pets' foods.

Tracy stays active in her "down time" by riding her bike or attending Zumba classes.  She is a self-proclaimed Zumba addict!  She says her biggest accomplishment was completing the Indy 500 Mini Marathon - that's 13 miles!  When she's not at Zumba, she spends time with her children and grandchildren and even her grandpets!